Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Machine Turned Annoyance

I just tried to place an order for this stuff:

It's a vinyl sheet that has the correct pattern for R5's "neck" section. I'll have to cut out rectangles and glue them in place since the ladder of my R5's neck doesn't seem to come off. Thing is, the larger size of these sheets is currently sold out. I know it will come back in stock, but it seems like whenever I try to take one step forward, I'm told to have a seat, shut up and enjoy the view.

Oh well. For now I'll work on removing the vinyl pie-piece sections and repainting them. The vinyl bubbles up too much. No matter how I try to smooth it out they come back.

Monday, September 17, 2012

One Piece At A Time...

The latest piece to arrive is the Shoulder Horseshoes.

They are made from solid resin but unfinished. Flashing needs to be sanded off the back then they need to be painted, but otherwise they're looking great!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fly Casual

This is the blog that never seems to start, or, just like the R5 in A New Hope, blows up as it just starts moving. Rest assured, true believers! R5 will be constructed and assembled in the next year!

Personal stuff this year has been at an all-time high level of crazy. With losing my grandmother, getting my first (and hopefully last) kidney stone, the push for new floors in 4 out of the 6 rooms in the house and -- oh yeah, in case you don't follow me on Facebook -- my wife and I announced that we're having our first child (Feb 20th), it's been a hectic time!

I've received the fiberglass dome that was offered on the R2 Builder's site. It's pretty great, though I need to rework the 'eyes' with lenses and lights (thanks to Chris Reiff for sharing his tricks of the trade!). I plan on making the frame in the next month, though I'm also getting the nagging feeling to just buy an A&A frame.

It's funny that part of what's holding me up, other than the lack of time, space and plain courage to start cutting into the plastic, is that I'm a bit dismayed at the lack of certain resin pieces being offered. I know - cross that bridge when you come to it, don't put the cart before the horse and so on, but it's that stress of "what if it's not available when I'm at the point where I need it?" that eats at me.

Bah - forget all that. I'll assemble the router table, start sticking the plans on the plastic and let loose.