Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Picture Day (Where I Stand)

Here's a few pics showing where I stand at the moment.

Phase I: The Dome

This shot shows the dome with the neck tape ripped off, most of the greeblies off and the tape for the neck ladder area and the bottom ring. The horseshoes are in the shot mostly because I store them in the head for now.
Here you can see the top of the head, and what I was talking about with the vinyl stickers bubbling. I'm going to pull them all off, mask it off and paint these panels.

Here's the neck ladder tape, close up. It, along with the brushed steel for the neck ring, is from Tape Brothers ( I believe they are located in Florida.

This is a large eye greeblie and the peephole sticking up through it. I'm going to repaint the greeblie and probably handpaint the edge of the peephole bezel to match. The only option Lowes had for those was satin nickel, which won't look right with the more silver tone I'm going to paint all these details.

I also decided to grab the smaller peephole style to replace one of the small greeblies on the bottom right.

Phase II: Body

 Sorry it's upside down, but  FIXED PICTURE you can see where I taped off the panels to remain red and ripped/cut out the incorrect flat panel. Upon further inspection I realized I'll need to add material to the LDP area as it was cut too wide. I'm still trying to figure out how the LDP will fit into that space otherwise. I might need to print out the front

 Here's a shot of the back (right side up). The large panel at the top suffered some damage when I was ripping off the magnet system used to keep it in place. It was rather loose, and I don't want that panel to open anyhow. I'm going to fabricate a whole new panel for that location.

I need to take a few minutes and study what goes where for all the details (resin or otherwise) that go in all the now vacant holes. The side vents are still in place because I'm hoping to get them out in one piece. The pocket vents got pretty screwed up when I was taking them out.

I noted that I have one octagon and one power coupling that survived the extraction. The other octagon crumbled and the other power coupling got wrecked along the outer edges.

Here's a shot of the center vents. They're solid resin. They look a bit sloppy to me, so I'm hoping I can clean them up with a good sanding and a repaint.

Here are the base legs that I have. I have to go through the plans to see what stage they are in. I don't really want to start over on these, but I will if I can't figure these out.

You can see the Rockler bearing under there too.

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